User Guide

Before beginning the sign-up procedure you will need to be an existing customer with Eazy Collect and Xero. If you do not already have an account with Eazy Collect, then please contact our sales team on 01242 650052, or via our website at To sign up for a Xero account and to sign up for their services, visit their website at

Please have the email from Eazy Collect that contains your API and Service User Number (SUN) details to hand as you will need these to complete registration.

After creating your account, click on the "Configure Eazy Collect" button in the top menu.

Connect to Eazy Collect

On the Api tab, type in your client code and api secret and click Save.

Configure Eazy Collect

Select a Payment Schedule

On the schedule tab, select a schedule to be used and click Save.

Select Eazy Collect schedule

Enter Direct Debit Information

And finally on the DD Info tab, enter your Service User Number (SUN), SUN long and short names, company name, customer service email address and telephone number to complete the link with Eazy Collect.

Select Eazy Collect SUN Details

Connect to Xero

Now, go to configure Xero in the menu and click connect to Xero.

Connect to Xero

Authorize the Application

You'll be taken to the Xero website, where you'll need to login using your Xero account credentials then select the Xero organisation you'd like to use and click authorise.

Authorise Xero

Select Xero Account

On the Account tab select the Xero account for payments to be made to in Xero and click Save.

Select Xero account

Configure Payment Service

Next we need to set the payment url for the payment button that is sent to customer. This can be done by going to then clicking 'Add payment service' and selecting 'Custom payment url'.

Add payment url to Xero

Add Custom Payment URL

Then typing in Name of Eazy Collect and then pasting in your custom url of[SHORTCODE]/[INVOICENUMBER] ensuring that there are no spaces before or after the URL.

Add custom payment service to Xero

Add Payment Service to Invoices

You'll then need to apply the payment service to your invoice theme, by going to "Edit" and clicking "Invoice Themes" and ticking the theme that you use for your invoices and clicking save.

Apply url to Xero invoice theme